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Response Date 10 Aug 2012
Do you consider the DPD is Legally Compliant? No
Do you consider the DPD is Sound? No
If you have responded that the DPD is unsound, Do you consider the DPD is unsound because it is:
  • Not Justified

– not sufficient protection of many matters, unfair singling out of landscape, although welcomed of itself

What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound? This submission Local Plan has at least in part been worked up to a pre-conceived idea without serious or proper consideration given to alternatives. Evidence adduced to support the Plan has at times been contrived and manipulated, and consultation and approval processes manipulated to suit the pre-conceived idea. I understand the areas of these matters in detail, and have witnessed many of the processes first hand. I am an elected Member for the ward of Yeovil South, and South Somerset, which will be much affected by the current proposals. I am an English Heritage “Heritage Champion” on South Somerset District Council, and have detailed knowledge of heritage assets in the area. My professional background and experience is economic analysis, investment and real estate development, so I am well qualified to comment on all aspects of the Plan.

I would be pleased to evidence any part of my statement further with written and or oral evidence, and would welcome the opportunity for an oral hearing to explain all points more fully and to answer questions as necessary.
If your representation is seeking a change, do you consider it necessary to participate at the oral part of the examination? Yes
If you wish to participate at the oral part of the examination, please outline why you consider this to be necessary: I would therefore respectfully submit that I should be entitled to an oral hearing on these matters, and say that I have substantial further written evidence that I can adduce in support of the points in this statement.