Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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Response Date 18 Nov 2010
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In my opinion we are currently well privided for by local shops & services, but the biggest threats to them will be the traffic flow & shortage of parking. Many people who would stop & use these facilities do not because they can't park or can't safely enter & leave business premises by car. Considering these problems any increase in local housing will surley only exasperate this.
My next concern would be that more development to the North of the village would only further split the community more than it is today. If this were to go ahead then I am concerned that some shops/services may decide to re-locate to that area. The centre of the village would die and residents (many of whom are elderly)would have further to travel to use the facilities.
I feel that if this development were to take place then new roads would need to be considered linking directly to the Podimore roundabout and/or the Yeovilton road rather than using the old Fossway which would surely cause much congestion at certain times of the day where it meets the B3151.
Finally the Parish Council is not supporting this level of future development, yet this has not been clearly stated at the public consultations!! Why is this?