Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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Whilst it is true that continued growth in car travel is not sustainable in terms of carbon emissions , the roots of this problem lie beyond the countryside. Cheap motoring costs, expensive pubic transport and a failure to develop effective, integrated transport networks has led to dispersed car travel everywhere - in urban as well as rural areas. The way forward is to develop more sustainable transport policies, rather than singling out rural development as especially unsustainable. Such issues need to be addressed in terms of what would make rural communities more sustainable , rather than condemning them for failing to meet pre-determined sustainability criteria. Furthermore, its cannot be denied that many rural communities are deprived of economic well being and social justice as much as their urban counterparts. The new settlement strategy needs to provide a positive response in terms of not only sustaining, but also regenerating rural communities. It needs to incorporate sufficient flexibility to allow appropriate levels of new development in the villages. An overly restrictive approach will only perpetuate the present levels of social and economic decline.