Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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Response Date 05 Nov 2010
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Object 6.17
The existing residue of land for employment was sold off to Crown Petfoods, apparently because there was not need for land for businesses as there was "no call for the land". If this is the case why does Castle Cary need another 3 hectares of land? Extra land was bought by the District council supposedly for employment land after planning permission was granted to Crown Petfoods.

Object 6.10
The 238 new homes already allocated are presumably on the site planned on Cumnock Road. These homes will already cause more traffic chaos in the town of Castle Cary so the other proposed 262 will bring the town to a standstill more times than at present. There are usually at least 2 cars per household so that means an extra 1000 cars. Our roads cannot cope with what we already have. Living in fore Street I get to see the frequent traffic jams, some lasting up to 10 minutes meaning that emergency vehicles are denied access at these times. Very dangerous! More cars will equal more jams. One good thing about jams is that they slow traffic down but they will cause impatient drivers to take more risks once they can get going again. Are there enough school places, doctor capacity etc for these extra people?

There are no buses on Sundays and very few on Saturdays. For anyone working in Taunton there is no public transport to get them there on time for work so they are forced to add to the traffic congestion near Taunton. The first train leaves Castle Cary at 10.17 arriving at 10.39 - no good for work! there are no buses. The train takes just over 20 minutes - cars at least an hour!. Those without cars are discriminated against as they are forced to stay here on Sundays, Bank holidays etc so there is no deterrent to car use. How is it planned to improve our roads? Many cars on the A371 take a short cut through the town to get to and from Shepton area and Wincanton or Shepton to Yeovil. These add to the traffic chaos - I live here and have watched cars driver straight through! There are also a proportion of drivers who park on pavements causing problems for those with vision problems, the elderly and mothers with baby buggies etc. It is also dangerous for children. Parking needs to be reassessed as there are points where parked cars cause larger vehicles to mount pavements or to come to complete standstills. (Opposite "The Bakehouse" and outside the bookshop opposite the "save the children" shop). A Belgian car driver caught in one of these jams asked me as I walked by why we put up with them!

Many older people here try to buy as much as possible in the local shops so shops like green grocers should be encouraged, we are lucky to have two good butchers and two grocers but there is little choice of fresh vegetables although the existing shops try hard.

I belong to the Road Safety Organisation Road Peace and have served as National Vice Chairperson of the organisation and I also belong to the Somerset County Council Pubic Transport Forum and have connections with safer Streets and the former transport 2000 (now Campaign for Better Transport)