Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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3. Transport, Accessibility and Modal Shift
3.1 Within the region it is recognised that Yeovil is not well placed geographically and is m--a-- predominately self-contained. It has poor rail infrastructure, which has an impact on travel times to destinations. There is little opportunity for major improvements that will add value;. Good connectivity to
the Strategic Road Network is essential for Yeovil and it has benefit in this respect by four good points of access to the north, and west.
3.2 Future plans for highways, public transport and cycle/walking for the current Key Sites will have
significant benefit in reducing traffic impact and therefore could well support further development to the north234. The UWE final draft report "Active and Low Carbon Travel a transport vision for Yeovil" gives clear expression to a vision that supports North, East and West growth patterns, linked to improved public transport, cycling and walking provision that supports the majority of the Yeovil population. The East Coker Parish Council supports the implementation of planned development improvements that can make Modal Shift a reality for the three Key Sites at Lufton, Brimsmore and Lyde.