Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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Response Date 01 Dec 2010
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Support the identification of Ilchester as a Rural Centre to encourage self containment and provide support for existing and future services. The facilities (employment, retail, social and community) currently in the village (see list below) with no obvious vacancies (as at October 2010), suggest that the village is currently healthy and vibrant. It acts as a vital focal point for its resident population as well as its residential hinterland.

Northern section of village
Convenience store
Community centre
Local Area of Play (LAP)
Tennis court
Infant & Junior Schools

Southern section of village
Restaurants (x3)
Public Houses (x2)
The Dolphin and The Bull
The Ilchester Arms Hotel
Day nursery
Petrol filling station and general store
Garage (repairs)
General store and Post Office
Shops (x2)
Fish & Chip shop
Hair salon/beauticians (x2)
Hire car centre
Car showrooms (x3)
Small car parks (x2)
Public Conveniences
Builders business premises
Local Area of Play (LAP)
Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)
Sports pitches
Skate park

The importance in both economic and social/community terms of these facilities cannot be underestimated.

Para 7.21 Support the provision of 150 additional dwellings in Ilchester with a view to increasing this figure (see above).