Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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The recently revised and validated noise contours for RNAS Yeovilton as published in July 2010 in the District Council's document entitled 'Aircraft Noise Contours for the Royal Naval Air Station at Yeovilton' show a significant shrinkage in the contours as compared to the 1998 contour plan. Such a revision is to be welcomed as it places land at Hainbury Farm within NEC A and NEC B both of which are appropriate for future residential and employment development.

The results of the Strategic Defence Review show that the revised and validated contours will remain valid and should be used now for development management purposes. Recent announcements on the decommissioning of the Harrier as a strike force serve to reinforce this view.

Para 7.22 Agree that any new dwellings should be constructed to include appropriate noise protection measures.

Looking at the revised and validated noise contours and the extent of flooding in and around Ilchester, as well as the findings in the Peripheral Landscape Study for Ilchester (February 2010), land at Hainbury Farm is very well placed to accommodate future residential and employment development within the village.

Para 7.23 Support the provision of an additional 1 hectare (minimum) of employment land in Ilchester.

Para 7.25 The land at Hainbury Farm could support the aspirations to consolidate the split school site into one.