Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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Response Date 02 Dec 2010
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Our client owns the car sales site to the south of Northover House near the centre of the town. We welcome the inclusion of this site within the defined Development Area for the town (as identified on Inset Map 5 of the Draft Core Strategy). This is entirely appropriate given that the site is previously developed land and forms part of the urban framework of the town.

We acknowledge that the site is located in an area at risk from flooding. However, the site, as well as Northover House, benefits from flood defences as indicated on the Environment Agency's website. Furthermore, we are currently in the process of producing a Flood Risk Assessment to more fully understand the constraints and mitigation measures that may be needed as part of any redevelopment.

To conclude, we fully support the proposed allocation of 150 dwellings in Ilchester in conjunction with its identification as a Rural Centre. The redevelopment of this prominent site (currently used as a car sales showroom) for a residential use presents the opportunity to enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area and setting of the adjacent listed building. It is a brownfield site located close to the town centre and as such is highly sustainable. Its redevelopment would not only bring forward the aforementioned benefits, but also reduce pressure for the release of more unsustainable greenfield sites on the edge of the town.