Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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Agent D S Dunlop
Response Date 03 Dec 2010
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Support is given to the proposed settlement hierarchy in the District. This is in accordance with the advice in PPS3, 'Housing', PPS7 'Sustainable Development in Rural Areas' and PPS12 'Local Spatial Planning'. Of particular relevance is paragraph 3 of PPS7 which states:

"Away from larger urban areas, planning authorities should focus most new development in or near to local service centres where employment, housing (including affordable housing) services and other facilities should be provided close together. This should help to ensure these facilities are served by public transport and provide improved opportunities for access by walking and cycling. These centres might be a county town, a single large village or a group of villages and should be identified in the development plan as the preferred locations for such development."

Cavanna Homes (South West) Limited and Chard Town Football Club have formed an alliance to bring forward the redevelopment of the existing football club's ground as well as provide a new community and football facility. Accordingly, Chard meets all the requirements in PPS7 and its identification as a Market Town to be the focus of additional growth is fully supported.