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Response Date 10 Aug 2012
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Correspondence with South Somerset through the plan process has identified that the growth proposals for Yeovil and the Market Towns have the most potential to impact on the A303. Throughout the plan process we have been consistent in our reviews in order to ensure that the cumulative impacts of new development do not have a severe impact on the SRN. Our responses have been refined during the process as further evidence has been provided in support of the plan.

In considering the proposals for the these locations the Agency is keen to ensure that the principles which underpin the growth strategy are sustainable and that the development is proposed at appropriate locations that are or can be made sustainable, that allow for sustainable transport modes and which support wider Government social and health objectives.

Policy SS1 Settlement Strategy

The Agency strongly supports this strategy which seeks to focus growth at the key locations and promote self containment of settlements. The concentration of growth at Yeovil and in the Market Towns provides for the greatest opportunity to reduce trips between settlements and the potential for more use of sustainable travel options within settlements.