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Agent Bell Cornwell (J McMurdo)
Response Date 10 Aug 2012
Response Type SUPPORT

Policy SSl states: "The following are Market Towns where provision will be made for housing, employment, shopping and other services that increase their self containment and enhance their roles as service centres:- ...

Local Market Towns: Ansford/Castle Cary."

Reiterating our previous point, our clients believe that development should be steered to towns like Castle Cary and we endorse the policy with the caveat that, from our analysis of the Council's evidence base, we fail to fully understand why the designations "primary" and "local" exist for the market towns. There should be one designation: "Market Towns."

To amplify, we can see from the Council's Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) from December 2011 that there was a need for 531 dwellings in Ilminster and 500 in Castle Cary suggesting all but equal status. Furthermore, when we consider that the Council's plan states that the "isolated nature of [Castle Cary] and its largely rural surroundings mean that it serves a more strategic role than expected" there appears little doubt that Castle Cary is a true "Market Town