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Response Date 13 Aug 2012
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I object to the following in the local plan, resulting from the Yeovil urban extension, on the following issues.

Road Network

The location of the development will encourage car  usage as the only way to Yeivil will be Hendford Hill or Forest Hill, only the fittest will be able to cycle up these hills.  I suggest that perhaps the councillors making these important decisions, actually use these routes at peak times to see how they get totally congested at peak times.  The road network and the geographical makeup of the area are totally inadequate for more vehicle use.  In these days of being environmentally friendly where is the logic of building a major housing estate far out from main roads and more importantly on top of a hill which will force inhabitants to use cars?  I know that if this area is developed, all of Hendford, West Coker Road, Forest Hill, Sandhurst, Wraxhill Road and all the smaller roads are going to be permanently congested.

Loss of Grade A Agricultural Land

I regularly walk my dogs in this area and I am always amazed by the amount of crops that are grown in this area, the quick turnover of the land is quite amazing.  It is a fantastic growing area, which produces jobs, brings money into the local area and in its own right helps protect the local wildlife in the area; it should be a non brainer not to build in this area, the land is l too valuable as a food source to use for anything else.  I would also like to say that the land drains very quickly, it absorbs the water, thus minimising the chance of localised or major flooding to Barwick.  If the land gets covered in concrete where will the water go?

In my humble opinion this has become an easy option for the SSDC planning committee, as the vast majority of its targeted development target will be carried out in one area, with no real thought for the other towns and villages throughout South Somerset, no thought for the traffic chaos it will cause, no thought for the loss of Grade A farming land (which cannot be replaced) and finally no thought for the impact this will cause to the village of East Coker or the West side of Yeovil mainly being the West Coker Road and Wraxhill areas.