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Response Date 13 Aug 2012
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The reasons for my objection is due to the following reasons:

1.  The land planned to be built on is important Grade A agricultural land and as such will be a great waste of this very useful land for local businesses to use for crop growing etc as this type of land is only reducing in availability as time goes on.  Many new businesses have started up recently in this line of work as the locals now seek out more than ever to eat locally produced items and also to support the local business persons.  If used for housing, this will be a tragic loss.  Our family walk through this land on a daily basis and witness the widespread successful farming use of the acres of fields in this area to produce top quality vegetables.

2.  The road network is totally unsuitable to cope with the extra traffic.  A significant amount of the new traffic created by the thousands of new houses plus that for the increase in employment premises will head into Yeovil from the A37 which is only a single carriageway road and will be totally congested, especially at peak times.  This will encourage the use of 'rat runs' through urban housing areas creating higher risk to personal injury and property damage.  This was in part experienced during the previous temporary road closures of West Coker Road but in this case it would be permanent and much worse.  It is considered that the roundabout at the Quicksilver mail will be a considerable bottleneck area in addition to Hendford Hill, Sandhurst Road, Forest Hill and West Coker Road. 

It is considered by some that many of the new residents will walk or cycle to work or into town and so not increase the amount of traffic so much, but based on similar developments throughout the country, this has proved to not be the case as the majority will still use their cars and hence create serious traffic congestion and consequently increase the likelihood of accidents and injury.  People are generally increasing using their cars and households are increasing in number of cars they have per household, all of which will add to additional/excess traffic.